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Getting the most out of a cloth!

April 27, 2009

If you have a piece of cloth to use as a booster for a nappy or pad but it is just a bit too large for folding in two or three, you might like to consider folding creatively, such as across the diagonal.  The following photos show how you can fold a 30 cm square cloth to fit into a 14cm x 27 cm space.


Cloth laid on the diagonal.


Fold one corner across one third.


Fold the other corner across.


Fold the top and bottom corners down.

Hope that helps!  It adds a little more absorbency at the middle of the cloth (three layers rather than two).


Making a fleece prefold belt

April 23, 2009

On the elimination communication list, Jenn wrote asking

> Does anyone know how to make a pre-fold diaper belt?
Here are my instructions for how to make one using several different methods.

The easiest way to make a prefold belt is by tieing a length of 1/2″
elastic into a circle the right length for the waist of the baby.
Another version is made by cutting the elastic wasitband off the top
of a pair of pants.

The snazzy sort that you can buy at the online EC speciality sites is
a piece of elastic sewn in a circle and then covered with polar fleece
(or other fabric).  To make one of these yourself, buy some 1/2″
(12mm) nonroll elastic and some polar fleece.
*  Measure and cut the elastic by checking against the body of your
baby for the appropriate length with prefold tucked underneath.  Cut
the elastic.
*  Overlap ends of the elastic about 1/2″ (1cm) and sew the overlap together.
*  Take a piece of polar fleece about one and a half times the total
length of your elastic (say 60cm/ 22″) and about 8cm/3″ wide.
* Sew the 8 cm/3″ ends together using a straight stitch.
*  Fold the fleece in half (wrong sides together) to make a skinnier
strip and place the elastic inside the fold.
* Begin sewing close to the edge of the polar fleece using a straight
stitch and sew carefully right round ensuring that you don’t catch the
elastic in your seam.

Voila!  One finished fleece covered prefold belt 🙂

Please note that the following image shows an adjustable prefold belt and these are available from my Noonee Wilga and The Potty Shop sites.

Welcome to my blog!

April 21, 2009

This blog is intended to keep you up to date with happenings at Noonee Wilga.  I will announce new products, new fabrics and other things of interest.  Subscribe to updates or bookmark these pages.

On Nappy Addicts, there was a question about placement of side snaps on training pants.  Here is an (oddly formatted) excerpt from my OneWet Pants Sewing pattern showing how I do it.

Time to place the snaps.

Hammer or set snaps at the corners on top of where you stitched the elastic.

For the front of the pants, the cap goes on the outside of the fabric and the stud attaches to the inside.

For the back of the pants, place the cap on the inside of the fabric and the socket on the outside.


Here are more details about the pattern, which is available for purchase for personal use only.