Making a fleece prefold belt

On the elimination communication list, Jenn wrote asking

> Does anyone know how to make a pre-fold diaper belt?
Here are my instructions for how to make one using several different methods.

The easiest way to make a prefold belt is by tieing a length of 1/2″
elastic into a circle the right length for the waist of the baby.
Another version is made by cutting the elastic wasitband off the top
of a pair of pants.

The snazzy sort that you can buy at the online EC speciality sites is
a piece of elastic sewn in a circle and then covered with polar fleece
(or other fabric).  To make one of these yourself, buy some 1/2″
(12mm) nonroll elastic and some polar fleece.
*  Measure and cut the elastic by checking against the body of your
baby for the appropriate length with prefold tucked underneath.  Cut
the elastic.
*  Overlap ends of the elastic about 1/2″ (1cm) and sew the overlap together.
*  Take a piece of polar fleece about one and a half times the total
length of your elastic (say 60cm/ 22″) and about 8cm/3″ wide.
* Sew the 8 cm/3″ ends together using a straight stitch.
*  Fold the fleece in half (wrong sides together) to make a skinnier
strip and place the elastic inside the fold.
* Begin sewing close to the edge of the polar fleece using a straight
stitch and sew carefully right round ensuring that you don’t catch the
elastic in your seam.

Voila!  One finished fleece covered prefold belt :-)

Please note that the following image shows an adjustable prefold belt and these are available from my Noonee Wilga and The Potty Shop sites.

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