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Sewing Workshops

March 10, 2011

Every year I run a sewing workshop as part of the Reuseable Nappy Week in October, run by the Australian Nappy Network. This is generally held in a reasonably central location in Sydney and can accommodate up to around fifteen people with sewing machines, their babies and toddlers and cutting tables.

As part of the event, the NSW nappy kit is on display so that you can see a whole range of MCN “in the flesh”, so to speak. Some years we have also had a Knit In where those interested in learning to knit longies, shorties or wool soakers have had a hands on activity as well.

Outside those times, I am also able to run smaller sewing workshops near Hornsby in the north of Sydney. Learn to sew nappies, nappy covers, training pants, baby slings or other baby or mama related items.

These sessions usually run for about 4-5 hours from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. They are so much fun that some people keep on returning despite being very experienced at sewing.

If you are interested in attending a workshop like this (no more than half a dozen people), please email me (marnie @ nooneewilga . com) to figure out a time to suit. You need to bring your own sewing machine, fabric, notions etc but some patterns are available for use. Babies and toddlers are welcome but you are responsible for their care and safety!


Getting the most out of a cloth!

April 27, 2009

If you have a piece of cloth to use as a booster for a nappy or pad but it is just a bit too large for folding in two or three, you might like to consider folding creatively, such as across the diagonal.  The following photos show how you can fold a 30 cm square cloth to fit into a 14cm x 27 cm space.


Cloth laid on the diagonal.


Fold one corner across one third.


Fold the other corner across.


Fold the top and bottom corners down.

Hope that helps!  It adds a little more absorbency at the middle of the cloth (three layers rather than two).